• Jimmy Ricks & The Raves (2) (New York)
    (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    Personnel :

    Jimmy Ricks (Bass)

    Howard Guyton

    Derek Martin

    Leonard Puzey

    Discography :

    1961 - Deep River (Festival) (Unreleased)
    1962 - Daddy Rollin' Stone / Um Gowa (Festival 25004)
    1962 - Daddy Rollin' Stone / Homesick (Atco 6220)

    Biography :

    This group was assembled after Jimmy Ricks left the Ravens and was pursuing a solo career.
    Jimmy Ricks covering the Otis Blackwell '53 classic "Daddy Rollin' Stone" in his post-Ravens career, here backed by Leonard Puzey, Howard Guyton, and Derek Martin (billed as the Raves).

                                                                                 Paste-up picture : Puzey, Guyton, Ricks, Martin

    The first release was the Festival record. Atco re-released "Daddy Rollin’ Stone" with a different flip ("Homesick"). On "Homesick" Jimmy Ricks was backed up by Joe Van Loan, Paul Van Loan, and Jimmie Steward!
    Derek Martin re-recorded "Daddy Rollin' Stone" under his own name two years later, which was covered by the Who in 1965.


    Songs :

    Daddy Rollin' Stone                             Homesick

    Um Gowa                                     Deep River


    Cds :


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