• The Val-Chords
    Picture received under the name "Valcords" - Is it the Val-Chords?

    The Val-Chords (Manhattan, New York)

    Personnel :

    Tommy Drumgoole (Lead)

    Raymond Brown (Bass)

    J. Merriweather

    C. Sealy

    R. Van Putten

    Discography :

    1957 - Candy Store Love / You're Laughing At Me (Gametime 104)

    Biography :

    The mid-1950s marked a new phase in the rock-and-roll sub-genre subsequently dubbed doo-wop, the rise of what would later be termed "gang doo-wop," so named because of the influx of juvenile groups featuring high-tenor leads, many of whom were classmates at the same junior high- or high school or who lived in the same neighborhood.  The success of the Teenagers on Gee records, in January 1956, started a veritable flood of such groups seeking auditions, many of whom dropped off the map almost as soon as they appeared.  The group of eighth and ninth graders called the Val-Chords were among them. The Val-Chords were aiming at the same market as the Youngtones and consisted of Tommy Drumgoole,Raymond Brown, J. Merriweather, C. Sealy and R. Van Putten.

    The Val-Chords     The Val-Chords

    Wayne Stierle, who owns the group's masters, say that when they auditioned for Gametime in New York, the label's owner was so impressed he signed them on the spot. He thought their sound was new and possessed hit potential. They released one record, in 1957 "Candy Store Love" and its flip, "You're Laughing at Me" and disbanded, presumably to finish school.  It was recorded on the Gametime label, one of those record labels also known in the industry as "fly-by-nights"--here today, in business to make a buck, and gone tomorrow when no hits were produced (their only other signed artist was a group called Vincent Macree and the Rhythm Kings).  The disc received some airplay on Alan Frederick's Night Train radio show but made little noise outside local airwaves.


    Songs :

        Candy Store Love                            You're Laughing At Me


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