• Ray & The Darchaes (Asbury Park, NJ)


    Personnel :

    Ray Dahrouge (Lead)

    Tonny Julian (Falsetto)

    Louie Scalpati (Tenor)

    Sal Capalungo (Second Tenor)

    Denny Testa (Baritone)

    Sam Siciliano (Bass)



    1962 - Carol / Little Girl So Fine (Aljon 1249/1250)
    1962 - Darling Forever / There Will Always Be (Buzzy 202)

    Unreleased :
    1961 - When I Woke Up This Morning
    1962 - To Get A Hold On You
    1962 - I Don't Care


    Biography :

    Long before Bruce Springsteen drew attention to Asbury Park, Ray Dahrouge and his doo-wop group, the Darchaes ruled over the New Jersey coastal city. With Dahrouge's lead vocals accompanied by falsetto Tony Juliano, first tenor Louie Scalpati, second tenor Sal Capalungo, baritone Denny Testa and bass Sam Siciliano, Ray And The Darchaes had the clubs along the seaside jumping.


    Dahrouge and the Darchaes recorded two singles -- "There Will Always Be You" and "Little Girl Of Mine" b/w "Carol" .Nickie Addeo replace Dahrouge When he left to embark on a solo career in 1963.

    Ray Dahrouge, Barry Rufus Edwards, Louie Scalpati, and Sam Siciliano

    Although Ray never broke through to a national audience, he recorded a string of regional hits including "Steppin' Out", "Rendezvous With Destiny", "Lifetime Guarantee Of Love", "Stepping Out" and "I Can See Him Makin' Love To You".

    Songs :

                 Carol                                 Little Girl So Fine             When I Woke Up This Morning
    Darling Forever                      There Will Always Be           To Get A Hold On You 


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