• The Rajahs aka The Nutmegs aka The Lyres

    The Rajahs (New Haven, Conn.)
    aka The Nutmegs aka The Lyres 

    Personnel :

    Leroy Griffin (Lead)

    "Sonny" Washburn (First Tenor)

    Eddie Martin (Second Tenor)

    "Sonny" Griffin (Baritone)

    Leroy McNeil (Bass)

    Discography :

    1957 - Shifting Sands / I Feel In love (Klik 7805)
    1973 - Rose Ann (a capella) / You're Crying (a capella) (Klik 1019)
    1973 - Story To You (a capella) / I Love You So (The Five Satins) (Klik 1020)

    Unreleased :
    1958 - Help Me (Demo)


    Biography :

    The Nutmegs were a 1950s American doo wop vocal group from New Haven, Connecticut. They are best known for their songs "Story Untold" and "Ship of Love," both released in 1955. Each single made the national R&B charts, with "Story Untold" reaching #2 and "Ship of Love" peaking at #13. The quintet was led by tenor Leroy Griffin and was signed to Herald Records in New York.

    The Rajahs aka The Nutmegs aka The Lyres

    In 1956, The Nutmegs returned home to New Haven, Connecticut, after a disagreement with Alan Freed, who accused them of including obscenities in their act. Billy Emery, who was with the group prior to recording, left to marry and Tyson left to concentrate on his first love, Gospel. The Griffins and McNeil remained and were joined by Washburn from the Five Dukes on Atlas and Eddie Martin from the Five Satins.

    The Rajahs aka The Nutmegs aka The Lyres

    To Avoid contractual problems, they changer their name to the Rajahs. A single as the Rajahs on Connecticut's Klik label (1957) with ”Shifting Sands” and ”I Feel In love” have poor result. Griffin soon changed the group right back into the Nutmegs, but it was Washburn who assumed some of the lead vocal chores on later sides by the group such as the 1962 "Crazy 'Bout You." They  made records as the Lyres and the Rajahs, but it’s under their main name The Nutmegs had their two big R&B chart hits. Both were composed by the group's distinctive lead singer, Leroy Griffin.

    Songs :

    Shifting Sands                            I Feel In love

    Rose Ann  / You're Crying                          Story To You           

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