• Rosie & The Originals (3)
    Rosalie Hamlin and Noah Tofolla


    Rosie & The Originals (3) (San Diego, Ca)

    Personnel :

    Rosalie Hamlin (Lead)

    Noah Tofolla (Guitar)

    David Ponci (Guitar)

    Carl Van Guida (Drums)

    Tony Gomez (Sax)

    Discography :

    Rosie & The Originals (3)

    1960 - Angel Baby / Give Me Love (Highland 1011)
    1961 - Why Did You Leave Me? / Angel from Above (Highland 1025)
    1961 - Lonely Blue Nights / We’ll Have a Chance (Highland 1032/ Brunswick 55205)
    1962 - My One And Only Love / It Kinda Makes You Wonder (Globe 401)
    1973 - You're No Good / I Don't Understand (Wax World 3265)

    Unreleased :
    I'm So Young
    A Thousand Stars
    There's No Other (Like My Baby)
    The One Who Really Loves You
    Happy Happy Birthday Baby
    Angel Baby (Re Recording)
    Guess Who?
    Just Because

    Lp :
    1962 - Lonely Blue Nights with Rosie (Brunswick, 1962)
    Lonely Blue Nights / Read the Story of Love / My Darling Forever / No Other Love Will Ever Do / We'll Have a Chance / Angel From Above / The Time Is Near / Baby Baby Baby / I Found a Dream / Maybe I'm Dreamin' / Cloud Nine / It's Time to Go Home

    Rosie & The Originals (3)

    1961 - My Darling Forever / The Time Is Near (Brunswick 55213)


    Biography :

    The band certainly had no thoughts of inviting such intellectual commentary when they formed in San Diego in 1960. Unable to find a recording studio in San Diego, then Rosalie Hamlin, then only 15, Noah Tofolla (guitar), David Ponci (Guitar), Carl Van Guida (Drums) and Tony Gomez (Sax)  cut "Angel Baby" in a barn-like building in the farming town of San Marcos, with a radically different B-side, "Give Me Love," with a vocal by Bluford D. Wade.

    Rosie & The Originals (3)    Rosie & The Originals (3)
    Rosalie Hamlin                                                                                                                          

     The group had trouble interesting Los Angeles labels in the song (a Hamlin original) until they convinced a department store manager in San Diego to play it. This attracted attention from kids in the store and a record distributor that happened to be there at the time. Through him they got the single "Angel Baby" released on Highland, and at the end of 1960 it shot up the national charts. Although Rosie & the Originals recorded a few more tracks, they broke up almost immediately after "Angel Baby" made the charts, in a dispute over the terms of a recording contract they were considering signing.

      Rosie & The Originals (3)   Rosie & The Originals (3)
    1961 - Dick Jacobs, Rosie & Nat Tarnopol                                                                                        

    In 1961, Jackie Wilson's manager, Nat Tarnopol, got Rosie a contract with Wilson's label, Brunswick. Brunswick did put out a follow-up single, "Lonely Blue Nights," which made number 66, as well as an album and another single, billing the artist solely as Rosie for all the releases. In the meantime Highland put out a couple of Rosie & the Originals 45s with tracks to which they had the rights.

    Rosie & The Originals (3)
    Rosie & The Originals (3)

    "Angel Baby," however, was one of those accidents of timing and unique material that couldn't be repeated, and none of Rosie's subsequent recordings -- which, like "Angel Baby," were usually simple pop/rock ballads with a doo wop feel -- could recapture the magic. Hamlin did make another single for the Globe label before leaving the music business to raise a family with her husband, Noah Tafolla, who had been leader and lead guitarist of the Originals. She did some tracks with producer Doug Salma in 1969 in a more updated doo wop/girl-group style that remained unreleased until 1999, when the Ace compilation The Best of Rosie & the Originals was issued. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi

    Songs :

             Angel Baby                         Give Me Love                      Why Did You Leave Me?

    Angel from Above             Lonely Blue Nights                   We’ll Have a Chance

    My Darling Forever                 The Time Is Near             My One And Only Love

    Read the Story of Love       My Darling Forever           No Other Love Will Ever Do

     Baby Baby Baby              I Found a Dream                   Maybe I'm Dreamin'

              Cloud Nine               It's Time to Go Home           It Kinda Makes You Wonder

     I'm So Young                 A Thousand Stars                 There's No Other

    The One Who Really Loves You       Confidential            Happy Happy Birthday Baby

    Guess Who?                  Just Because                         You're No Good

    I Don't Understand


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