• The Shytones aka The Hi-Tones (2) aka The Trentons aka The Shy-Tones

    (top L to R) Frank Barrata, Bill Sangiovanni & Fred Alvarez. (bottom L to R)  Al Scavuzzo, Ben Passantino & Rich Peluso 

    The Hi-Tones (2)  (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
    aka The Trentons aka The Shytones aka The Shy-Tones


Personnel :

    Graham Lee True (Lead)

    Sal Covais (First tenor)

    Albert Scavuzzo (Second tenor)

    William Scarpa (Baritone)

    Fred Alvarez (Bass)

    Frank Barrata


    Discography :

    The Shytones
    1957 - Annette / White Bucks (Spot 14/15)
    1957 - White Bucks / Bandstand Rock (Spot 14/15)
    1957 - Annette / Bandstand Rock (Spot 15)

    The Shy-Tones
    1958 - A Lover's Quarrel / Just For You (Goodspin 401)

    The Hi-Tones (2)
    1958 - A Lovers Quarrel / Just For You (Fonsca 201)
    1961 - No More Pain / I Don't Know Why (Fonsco 202)

    The Trentons
    1959 - All Alone / Star Bright (Inst.) (Shepherd 2204)


    Biography :

    The Shytones were one of many groups that grew up loving vocal harmony and singing on the street corners. They had a great sound, but too short of a career. The Shytones never made it big selling records, but they were celebrities in their own neighborhood, and at the local hops and shows . They cut just a few records, but with a group name change and a few different labels with the same songs.  They were given the name Shy-Tones/Shytones because their lead singer suffered from "stage fright" and had great difficulty performing in from of an audience. This lead a promoter to comment (something like) "Are you guys the Hi-Tones or the Shy-Tones?" The name stuck and the name "Hi-Tones" was not used after that.

    The Shytones aka The Hi-Tones (2) aka The Trentons aka The Shy-Tones

    The Shy-Tones "A Lover's Quarrel" B/w "Just For You was Reissued"  as "Lovers Quarrel" in April 1961 on Fonsca (# 201) with label credit to the Hi-Tones. A slight variation of the group had a release on the Spot label as the Shytones. The group was basically a Brooklyn (NY) group, with one member from Staten Island (NY). On this recording they were: Fred Alvarez, Frank Barrata, Ben Passanante, Rich Peluso, Bill Sangiovanni, Albert Scavuzzo , & Graham Lee True .

    The Shytones aka The Hi-Tones (2) aka The Trentons aka The Shy-Tones
    The Shytones aka The Hi-Tones (2) aka The Trentons aka The Shy-Tones

                                                                                                           Al Scavuzzo

    The Shytones performed at many local hops and dances, and even got the chance to perform at one of Murray The K's big rock and roll show. They had some airplay on a couple of local stations, and were even a pick hit of the week on WINS. The group broke up when Al Scavuzzo tragically passed away on his 21st birthday.

    Songs :

    The Shytones

    Annette / Bandstand Rock                White Bucks

    The Shy-Tones

    A Lover's Quarrel                           Just For You

    The Hi-Tones (2)

    I Don't Know Why                       No More Pain

    The Trentons

    All Alone  / Star Bright (Inst.)


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