• The Vonnair Sisters 
    Discography & Songs By Hans-Joachim


     Personnel :

    Renee Von Euer

    Sheila Von Euer

    Sonya Von Euer



    The Vonnair Sisters
    1961 - Beach Love / Dum Papa Too Tah Tah (Buena Vista 383)
    1962 - Goodbye To Toyland / I Don't Wanna Play In Your Ward (Buena Vista 390)
    1962 - See For Yourself / Luscious Lucius (Buena Vista 399)
    1962 - Watch Out For Don / Golden Rule (Buena Vista 412)
    1962 - Pretty Little Girl With The Red Dress On / Blame It On My Mouth (Buena Vista 416)

    Annette (Funicello) with The Vonnair Sisters

    1961 - Strummin’ Song / Dreamin' About You (Buena Vista 388)



    Biography :

    The Vonnair Sisters were Sonia, Sheila and Renee Von Euer. They recorded for Walt Disney Music Company's Vista Records.


    They also backed Annette Funicello up in 'Dreamin' About You / Strummin Song" (1961). They recorded "Beach Love" (1961) "Goodbye To Toyland" (1962) etc. While they may not be as well known as other girl groups, they too deserve recognition.

                                                                                                                      Annette (Funicello)

    They released 5 solo singles and one backing Anette. They were quite talented and should have been big stars of the early sixties vocal groups. The girls deserved a much better fate on the national charts.


    Songs :

    The Vonnair Sisters

    Goodbye To Toyland                       Beach Love

    Dum Papa Too Tah Tah                      Watch Out For Don


    Annette (Funicello) with The Vonnair Sisters

    Dreamin' About You                              Strummin’ Song



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