• The Chancers
    (L to R) Eddie Miller, Tom Fagan and ed Burkhalter

    The Chancers (Auburn, Alabama)


    Personnel :

    Eddie Miller (Lead)

    Tommy Fagan (Tenor)

    Fred Burkhalter (Bass/ Baritone)


    Discography :

    1958 - Shirley Ann / My One (Dot 15870)


    Biography :

    Vocal & Instrumental Trio, the Chancers formed in the late 1950s at A.P.I. (Alabama Polytechnic Institute), which in 1960 became Auburn University.  Better known as the KA Trio. Tommy Fagan (from Fort Valley), a member of this group, has gained added fame for himself and the trio by writing a ballad entitled "Remember The Night," which was previewed in february 1958 over a national TV hookup by singer Autry Inman. RCA has released the record­ing. The Chancers began singing as a group about 1956 when they met as KA fraternity brothers. Tommy Fagan and Eddie Miller (from Anniston)  were roommates at the time, be­gan experimenting and came up with some very fine arrange­ments, with Fagan on the tub bass, a wash tub arrangement, and Miller on the guitar.

    The Chancers    The Chancers
                                                                                                        Autry Inman ("Remember The Night")

     Fred Burkhalter (from Rome, Ga.) soon joined the group ad­ding his bass and baritone voice to those of Fagan, tenor, and Mil­ler, lead. The Chancers got their start by entertaining at fraternity activi­ties. Sev­eral of their originals were played over WAUD, and the group per­formed on Fagan's hometown sta­tion, WEPM in Fort Valley, Ga. The big break came when Jeff Whatley, Auburn's expert in high fidelity, sent tape record­ings of their work to Tru Pub­lishing Company. Tru sold Fa­gan's song, "Remember the Night" to RCA victor, who became very interested in both the group and the song. The group will record several songs, two of which, "My One" a song composed by the trio and "Shirley Ann" will be released by Dot records.


    Songs :

    The Chancers

    My One                                          Shirley Ann

    Autry Inman

    Remember The Night


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