• From Left to Right : Anita Pitre, Elisa Pitre & Signa Acevedo

    The Belle-Aires (Bayshore, Long Island)
    aka Terry & The Belles (2)


    Personnel :

    Elisa Pitre

    Anita Pitre

    Signa Acevedo

    Discography :

    The Belle-Aires
    Ep :
    1957 - Teenagers Dance  (RCA 421)
    Sugar Candy / I Wanna Be Loved / My Only Love / You Stole My Heart

    Terry & The Belles (2)
    Singles :
    1958 - I'm Alone Because I Love You / Keep That Beat (Hanover 4505)
    1959 - I'll Always Be Nearby / I'd Want You (Ducky 111)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - Whoa-O (Hanover)
    1958 - A Ring For My Finger (Hanover)

    Biography :

    Three Singing & rocking' teenager from Bay Shore, Long Island. Two sisters, Elisa and Anita Pitre and cousin Signa Acevedo form the trio; The girls all attenuated Bayshore High School. In 1957, they cut one ep for RCA under the name the Belle-aires.

    William Miller of Amityville, Long Island is know as The Talent School of the Island-Always on the Look-Out for new singing groups. He Coached and Helped the Belle-Aires immensely and wrote all the songs for the Belle Aires.

       The Belle-Aires aka Terry & The Belles (2)

    In 1959 the girls signed with Hanover Records owened by Len Levy and Bob Thiele. Anita Pitre, Elisa Pitre and Signa Acevedo were now the Belles to Terry and recorded "I'm Alone Because I Love You" b/w "Keep That Beat".

    The Belle-Aires aka Terry & The Belles (2) 

    Terry & The Belles

    From the same session with Hanover, the group have two unreleased sides "I'm Alone Because I Love You / Keep That Beat" and "A Ring For My Finger". In 1959, Terry & The Belles recorded their last single "I'll Always Be Nearby" b/w "I'd Want You" for Ducky records.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Belle-Aires

    I Wanna Be Loved                  Sugar Candy 

    You Stole My Heart                 My Only Love

    Terry & The Belles (2)

    Keep That Beat                   I'd Want You                   

    I'm Alone Because I Love You         I'll Always Be Nearby



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