• Shari Drake

    Shari Drake & The Vernonaires (Zanesville, Ohio)


    Personnel :

    Shari Drake (Lead)

    Benny Cinquina

    Tommy Schofield

    Glen Home


    Discography :

    1962 - Why Did You Do This / Please Be Mine (Hilltop 1877)


    Biography :

    The Vernonaires were a group from Mount Vernon, They started as a three member vocal group composed by Benny Cinquina (lead), Tommy Schofield and Glen Home. The group performs locally and regularly appears at Vernon Manor's "400" in Cincinnati. In February 1962 the group recorded their first 45 as a backing group for Shari Drake.  Shari Drake of Howard, singing commercially for about four months, take singing lessons in school and also play the piano. Shari wrote the two songs "Why Did You Do This" and "Please Be Mine" released by Hilltop. Hilltop Records were owned by Quentin 'Reed' Weltywho produced a lot of material from many artists between 1958 and 1962 for different labels including his own which were 'Hilltop Records', 'Z Records', 'Prism Records' and 'B-W Records'.

    Songs :

     Why Did You Do This                            Please Be Mine      


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