• The Corals circa 1960 (left to right): Dino Amaral, Tommy Ciccone, Richard Mancini, Louie Camp & Joe Mancini

    The Corals (1) (Rhode Island)


    Personnel :

    Richard Mancini (Lead)

    Joe Mancini (Baritone)

    Louie Camp (Bass)

    Dino Amaral (First tenor)

    Tommy Ciccone (Second  tenor)


    Discography :

    1957 - The Girl I Left Behind / Why Oh Why (Ace) (Unreleased)
    1960 - Foolish Pride/ I’ll Always Love You (Stereo) (Unreleased)


    Biography :

    Their first lineup was called The Idols and they made quick headway on the local scene. The group expanded and evolved over the next couple of years and was re-christened The Corals. They often worked in tandem with The Videls and other local doo-wop groups. In 1957, The Corals recorded their first efforts at Ace Recording Studios in Boston . The two sides which were pressed into an acetate, but there was not enough interest to follow through with a pressing. By 1960, The Videls had parlayed the New England success of their first record, “Place In My Heart”, into a major label record deal and hit it big with “Mister Lonely”. 

     The Idols circa 1956 (left to right): Eddie Palmisciano, Richard Mancini & Joe Mancini

    They encouraged The Corals to come to New York City to try their hand at a major studio and provided the songs and production at Stereo Studios in The Brill Building. Again, the sides were made into an acetate, but there were no takers at the labels. They continued performing in New England with The Videls on weekends, but soon the demands of their “day jobs” prohibited them from commuting on a regular basis. It so happened that The Corals were in transition at that time as well –

    The Videls "road" group: Norman Marzano, Bobby Calitri & Joe Mancini (left to right), Richard Mancini (seated)

    Dino and Tommy had left the business and Louie had decided that his future was as a saxophonist, not as a singer, and had formed his own group, The Savoys. Literally putting two and two together, the remaining Videls, Norman Marzano and Bobby Calitri, joined forces with Joe and Richard to become the “new” Videls allowing Peter and Vini to remain at work in New York.


    Songs :

    Why Oh Why




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