Joe Lewis, Charles Taggart and Stan Beverly

    The Tuxedos  (Los Angeles)
    aka The Hollywood Saxons

     Personnel :

    Stan Beverly (Lead)

    Joe Lewis (Baritone)

    Charles Taggart (Bass)


    Discography :

    1960 - Yes It's True  / Trouble, Trouble (Forte 1414)

    Biography :

    The Hollywood Saxons were longtime mainstays of the Los Angeles R&B circuit, performing under a series of names during their checkered recording career.  After woodshedding for more than a year, the (Hollywood) Saxons finally began playing live, and in 1958 signed to the tiny Our label for "Please Be My Love Tonight." At year's end they signed with the Contender label, already home to a rival Saxons led by the R&B pioneer Jesse Belvin -- producer George Motola simply renamed his newest act the Capris for 1959's "Endless Love," issued on his Tender subsidiary.  When the record failed to generate much excitement, the Saxons/Capris again moved on, this time signing to Capitol for "Close to You," credited to the Portraits. As if the waters weren't muddied enough, in September 1960 the trio of Beverly, Lewis, and Taggart convened as the Tuxedos to cut "Trouble" for Motola's Forte label. From now on, they would [ always be known as the "Hollywood Saxons."

    Songs :

    Yes It's True                                      Trouble, Trouble


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