• Johnny Woodson &  The Crescendos (4) aka The Kuf-Linx
    (1957) L ro R: Johnny Woodson, John Jennings, Darrell Johnson, Jennell & Gaines Steele

    The Kuf-Linx  (Los Angeles)
    aka Johnny Woodson & The Crescendos (4)

    Personnel :

    John Jennings (Lead Tenor)

    Johnny Woodson (Tenor)

    Gaines Steele (Tenor)

    George "Biggy" McFadden (Bass)

    Leo Z. Manley

    Darrell Johnson

    Gwen Johnson

    Discography :

    The Kuf-Linx
    1957 - So Tough / What'cha Gonna Do (Challenge 1013/59102)
    1958 - Eyeballin' / Service With A Smile (Challenge 59004)
    1958 - Climb Love's Mountain / All That's Good (Challenge 59015)

    Johnny Woodson & The Crescendos (4)
    1957 - Dreamer From My Heart / All That's Good (Spry 108)

    Biography :

    The Kuf-Linx are not an easy group to follow. Nor is the song So Tough, especially since there were at least three different group that sang the song, and close spellings of the same group. The Kuf-Linx consisted of John Jennings (lead tenor), Johnny Woodson (tenor), Gaines Steele (tenor), George (Biggie) McFadden (bass), Leo Z. Manley, Darrell Johnson, and Gwen Johnson. Jennings and McFadden had been in the Jubalaires in the mid-40s. L.Z. Manley was a well-known gospel lead singer, who had been with the Heavenly Gospel Singers and the Stars Of Harmony.   

      Johnny Woodson &  The Crescendos (4) aka The Kuf-Linx

    Gaines Steele, younger brother of gospel great Silas Steele, sang with Detroit-area gospel groups and a West Coast Ink Spots group (with Clifford Givens); in the mid-60s, he was a member of the 4 Tunes. Gwen Johnson was a Los Angeles session backup singer. This basic group consisting of a whopping seven members, likely recording as John Woodson and the Crescendos on the Spry label. John Jennings was lead singer of the group. They signed to Challenge Records, a Los Angeles label, and recorded several songs including "So Tough" with backup band The Champs who recorded pop hit "Tequila" at the same recording session.

       Johnny Woodson &  The Crescendos (4) aka The Kuf-Linx

    The Kuf-Linx version of "So Tough" was released soon after another version of the song was released by The Casuals (later renamed Original Casuals). The song versions duked it out on the charts. On March 17, 1958, Billboard listed "So Tough" as tied for Number 76 on "Top 100 Sides for Survey Week Ending March 8". The Kuf-Linx only recorded three records in two sessions for Challenge, They disbanded in 1958, and later some of the members went on to other bands.

    Songs :

    Johnny Woodson & The Crescendos (4)

    Dreamer From My Heart                          All That's Good         

    The Kuf-Linx

    So Tough                     What'cha Gonna Do                            Eyeballin'

    Service With A Smile             Climb Love's Mountain                  All That's Good       





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