The Teen Dreams   (New Haven, CT) 
    aka Debbie & the Darnels (2)



    Joan Yutenkas

    Dorothy Yutenkas

    Marie Brancotti


    Discography :

    Debbie & The Teen Dreams
    1962 - The Time / Santa, Teach me to dance (Vernon 101)

    The Teen Dreams
    1962 - The Time / Why, Why? (Vernon 101)

    Debbie & the Darnels (2)
    1962 - The Time / Why Why (Vernon 101)

    1962 - The Time / Santa, Teach me to dance (Vernon 101)
    1962 - Daddy / mr Johnny Jones (Columbia 42530)

    Biography :

    "The Time" / "Why, Why?" on Vernon 101 is credited first press to The Teen Dreams before changing their name later in the year to Debbie & the Darnels. A three girl group of Sisters Joan and Dorothy Yutenkas & a friend Marie Brancotti.


    "Mr Johnny Jones" was a regional hit in New York/New Jersey/Connecticut but it never even cracked the top 125 on Billboard's Hot 100.

    Songs :

    Mr Johnny Jones                            Why, Why?

    Santa, Teach Me To Dance                           The Time


    Cds :

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