• The Five Dots aka  The Counts (2)
    (top) Bernard Harris, Jimmy Pierson and Jimmy Scruggs (bottom) Harry Blackwell & Dwayne Harris


    The Five Dots (Indianapolis)
    aka The Counts (2)

    Personnel :

    Bernard Harris

    Harry Blackwell

    Dwayne Harris

    Jimmy Scruggs

    Jimmy Pierson

    Discography :

    The Five Dots
    1954 - The Other Night / Each Night (Dot 1204)
    1955 - I Just Love The Thing She Do / Well, Little Baby (Note 10003)

    The Counts (2)
    1956 - Sweet Names / I Guess I Brought It All On Myself (Note 2000)

    Biography :

    Harry Blackwell, Bernard Harris, Dwane Harris, Jimmy Pierson, and Jimmy Scruggs had formerly been known as the 5 Dots. The Five Dots formed in early 1954 and recorded one single for Dot Records: "The Other Night" b/w "Each Night". In 1955, they sign a recording contract with Note records. Note was a local Indianapolis label owned by Mel Herman. Mel Herman was a veteran in record retailing and one-time manager of The 5 Diamonds (soon after to become the Counts of "Darling Dear"). From the early 50s onwards, he operated record distribution branches in Indianapolis and Cincinnati, which later became part of his "Mel Herman Enterprises".

    The Five Dots aka  The Counts (2)

    The Five Dots recorded "I Just Love The Thing She Do" b/w "Well, Little Baby" for Mel Herman and in 1956 "Sweet Names" b/w "I Guess I Brought It All On Myself" released as The Counts. The Five Dots made many appearances at the local area clubs, at the Rhythm and Blues Show at the Walker casino, in Evansville, Ind., for a dance engagement at Club Paradise. They weren't the Counts (1) on Dot (also managed by Mel Herman.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Five Dots

         Well, Little Baby                       I Just Love The Thing She Do

    The Other Night                                    Each Night

    The Counts (2)

                  Sweet Names                     I Guess I Brought It All On Myself





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