• Arthur & The Corvets (4) aka The Corvetts (2)
    Arthur Conley

    Arthur & The Corvets (4) (Atlanta, Georgia)
    aka The Corvetts (2)


    Personnel :

    Arthur Conley (lead)

    Eddie Davis

    Hubert Kimbrough

    Mark Chapman


    Discography :

    Arthur & The Corvets (4)
    1964 - Poor Girl / Darling I Love You (Na-R-Co 203)
    1964 - Miracles / I Believe (Na-R-Co 232 / NRC 2781)
    1964 - Aritha / Flossie Mae (Na-R-Co 2871)

    The Corvetts (2)
    1965 - I'm Going To Cry / You're Blue (Moon 100)


    Biography :

    Born January 4, 1946, in McIntosh, GA, and raised in Atlanta, Conley was just 12 years old when he joined the Evening Smiles, a gospel group that appeared regularly on local radio station WAOK. Arthur joined a secular band named the Corvets and composed by Eddie Davis, Hubert Kimbrough & Mark Chapman. Arthur became their lead singer. Named Arthur & The Corvets, the group recorded "Poor Girl" and "Darling I Love You" both written by Arthur. The single was released by the Atlanta label National Recording Company in April 1964. The label will release a second single a few months later with "Miracles" b/w "I Believe". But, the NRC singles attracted little attention and Arthur left the group to mount a solo career. The group without its leader continues to record and the label released "Aritha" and "Flossie Mae" will be released shortly after retaining the name of "Arthur & The Corvets". Under the name of Corvetts a last single will be released in 1965 by Moon Records with "I'm Going To Cry" b/w "You're Blue".


    Songs :

    Arthur & The Corvets (4)

        Poor Girl                                     Darling I Love You

    Miracles                                   I Believe

    The Corvetts (2)

    I'm Going To Cry                                       You're Blue  


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