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    The Rhythm Stars

    The Nicardi Brothers / Bros. (Newark NJ)
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    Nick Puccio

    Arthur Salicetti

    Discography :

    The Rhythm Stars
    1958 - Lynn / Oh Moon (Clock 1007)
    1959 - My Girl Babe / Bandstand March (Corsican 0057)

    The Nicardi Brothers
    1960 - That Pretty Girl / Lonely (ABC 10086)

    The Nicardi Bros.
    1960 - The Ring / How Come I'M Crying Now? (ABC 10144)


    Biography :

    Nick Puccio started singing at the very young age of 4 years old. He sang on stage with the great Louie Prima at the age of 6. During the Puccio family summers at the Jersey Shore in Long Branch, on any given night, you would find little Nick singing, dancing, and acting for crowds of people on the boardwalk.

    The Nicardi Brothers

    In his teens, Nick formed a singing group called "The Rhythm Stars" with Arthur Salicetti & some friends from Newark High School. Nick and Artie wrote and recorded some songs for the Group and the Rhythm Stars recorded two singles for Clock & Corsican Records and sang Rock and Pop at many of the local night spots and concert halls.

    The Nicardi Brothers    The Nicardi Brothers
                                                                                                                             Nick Puccio

    When the group broke up, Nick Puccio a Arthur Salicetti decided to form a team named the Nicardi Brothers. In 1960 they wrote and recorded "That Pretty Girl" b/w "Lonely" and "The Ring" b/w "How Come I'M Cry Now?" for ABC. As he grew older, with the help of his friends Joe Pesci and Frank Vincent (who is like a brother to Nick), he was given a chance to live a dream by playing a small role in the film "Casino". That was the start of his film career. He then went on to do the all time TV hit "NYPD Blue", and films like "The Shadow Conspiracy", "Witness To The Mob"..........

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Rhythm Stars

    Lynn / Oh Moon                                      My Girl Babe     

    Bandstand March

    The Nicardi Bros.

    The Ring                                          How Come I'M Crying Now?


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