• The Federals (Brooklyn, New-York)
     aka The Wheels (1)

    Personnel :

    Rudy Anderson (Lead)

    Reggie Barnes (Tenor)

    James Pender (Tenor)

    Kenneth Fox (Baritone)

    Lorenzo Cook (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Federals
    singles :
    1957 - While Our Hearts Are Young / You're The One I Love (Fury 1005)
    1957 - Dear Lorraine / She's My Girl (Fury 1009)
    1957 - Come Go With Me / Cold Cash (Deluxe 6112)
    1957 - Good Wishes To You (Fury)
    1957 - You Gotta Love Me Baby (Fury)


    The Wheels (1)
    singles :
     1956 - My Heart's Desire / Let's Have A Ball (Premium 405)
    1956 - Teasin' Heart / Loco (Premium 408)
    1957 - I Can't Forget / How Could I Ever Leave You? (Premium 410)
    1958 - So Young And So In Love / Where Were You (Time 1003/Early bird 006)
    1959 - Clap Your Hands, pt.1 / Clap Your Hands, pt.2 (Folly 800)
    1960 - No One But You / I've Waited For A LIfetime (Roulette 4271)
    1956 - I can't go on without you (Premium)

    Bubber Johnson (bb The Wheels (1))
    1955 – Drop Me A Line / Ding Dang Doo (King 4793)

    Vikki Nelson (bb The Wheels (1))
    1956 - By My Side / Bright And Early (Premium 402)

    Arthur Lake (bb The Wheels (1))
    1956 - The Good Earth / May I Count On You (Premium 406)

    Gloria Lynn (bb The Wheels (1))
    1957 – I Can’t Waste My Tears / Run For Your Love(Premium 412)

    Rudy & the Wheels (1)
    1959 - Copy cat / It's not for me (Curtis 751)





    Biography :

    "While Our Hearts Are Young" is a very pretty ballad by The Federals on Bobby Robinson's Fury label from 1957. The Federals aka The Wheels were fronted by Rudy Anderson. This group was managed by Allen Bunn, Former member of the Larks on Apollo. Bunn would sometimes record with the Wheels.

    The Wheels

    It was Bunn who brought the group to Joe Liebowitz, Owner of Premium, in 1955. In addition to their recordings for Premium, They Also became the Studio Group for the New Jersey-Based Label. They Backed up Vicki Carr, Gloria Lynne and Arthur Lake at Premium.


    As the group began making a name for themselves, Liebowitz passed away and Premium's operations folded.

    After Premium, the group became The Federals and recorded for Fury and DeLuxe. Then they went back to the Wheels and recorded for George Goldner's Curtis Label. Next they moved to Time Records, Then to Morris Levy's Label, and Finally to Folly.
    Mitch Rosalsky (Encyclopedia of Rhythm & Blues and Doo-Wop Vocal Groups)


    Songs :

    Your The One I Love                   Dear Lorraine

    Come go with me                         Cold Cash

    While Our Hearts Are Young             You Gotta Love Me Baby

    Good Wishes To You                            She's My Girl








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