• The Satellites (5) The Satellites (5)  (Pease AFB, NH)


    Personnel :

    Tommy Childers

    Nick Brazell

    Sandy McPherson

    Albert "Duff" Duffy


    Discography :

    The Satellites (5)
    1959 - Linda Jean / Rockateen (Cupid 5004 / ABC 10038)

    Nick Brazell & The Satellites (5)  / Sandy McPherson & The Satellites (5)
    1960 -  Betty Joe / Blue Denim Angel (Sparr 328)


    Biography :

    Vocal Group oriented Rock and Roll, the Satellites were Nick Brazell aged 16, Sandy McPherson aged 17 and Albert "Duff" Duffy aged 18. Brazell (Born in California, but raised in Texas and Oklahoma and McPherson (Who'd moved from California to New Mexico to New Hampshire) were Air Force brats whose fathers were stationed at Pease AFB in New Hampshire. Nick Brazell,  Sandy McPherson and a guy named Rick Arnold went to the General and asked if they could have a building to start a teen club. He said Yes, and they hired a local dee-jay, Art Wood for the opening sock hop. Art was going to the restroom and heard the three boys singing along with a record. He said, 'Have you guys ever thought of singing professionally?'

    The Satellites (5)

    Wood put them with a local singer, Tommy Childers, whom he later canned. They recorded Rockateen at a local studio, and it first appeared on Sam Lembo's Cupid Records in Marblehead, Massachusetts. ABC Records Acquired The Satellites' Cupid Masters and send the guys on the road with a group called the Launchers. "Linda Jean" was a song Nick Brazzel had written about his girlfriend at the time, Linde Lou Winberly. It was originally titled Linda Lou, but Ray Sharpe's "Linda Lu" began showing up, So Brazell changed the title (renaming the song after both his girlfriend and her mother). They played sock hops, television. Deejay Art Wood was their manager. First, he canned Rick Arnold, replacing him with a local boy, Tommy Childers, and then he canned Childers , replacing him with another local boy, Albert "Duff" Duffy.

    The Satellites (5)    The Satellites (5)
    Tommy Childers                                                                                                                  

    The Satellites had a brief lifespan: basically, the summer of 1959. Brazell's Father was moved to Saudi Arabia, and Nick's mother took him back to Texas. Art Wood brought him up to Boston for some shows during the summer, but there was another argument and Brazell left. The others stayed together another year or so. Wood had a comanager who owned a clothing store, so the group was usually promoting their's comanager's clothes and their own records. At the end of 1959 the guys recorded another single with a very nice Doo Wop "Blue Denim Angel".


    Songs :

    The Satellites (5)

    Rockateen                                          Linda Jean

    Sandy McPherson & The Satellites (5)

    Blue Denim Angel

    Nick Brazell  & The Satellites (5)

    Betty Joe


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