The Four Buddies (2) (Chicago)

    Personnel :

    Ularsee Manor(Lead)

    Nathaniel "Sam" Hawkins(Tenor)

    Jimmy Hawkins(Tenor)

    Dickie Umbra(Baritone)

    Willie Bryant(Bass)

    Discography :

    Rudy Greene & The Four Buddies (2)
    1955 - You Mean Everything To Me / [Rudy Greene - Highway No. 1] (Club 51 103)

    Bobbie James The Four Buddies (2)
    1955  - I Need You So / [Bobbie James - Baby I'm Tired] (Club 51 104)

    The Four Buddies (2)
    1955 - Delores / Look Out (Club 51 105)


    Biography :

    This group was formed in 1952, most of the members attending the same two high schools (Tilden or Phillips High School). They rehearsed and practiced for two years and played many local clubs and church functions during that prerecording period. Jimmy and Sam Hawkins were cousins and despite the name Four Buddies, the group appeared as a quintet.

    1956 - Willie Bryant, Irving Hunter, Jimmy Hawkins, Dickie Umbra & Ularsee Manor

    Only when they started to record was the name Four Buddies used more frequently. It is believed that Club 51 did this to capitalize on the name Four Buddies (Savoy). It also explains why their photo shows five members and calls them the Four Buddies

    They had tenor Donald Ventors replacing Sam Hawkins. Soon after this, Ventors was replaced by Irving Hunter. In 1956, they finally recorded their total output for Club 51 ; however, most of their work was as backup for single artists Rudy Greene ("You Mean So Much to Me") and Bobbie James ("I Need You So"). Lack of success led to disillusionment, disinterest, and eventual breakup.

    Songs :

    Bobbie James The Four Buddies (2)

    I Need You So                           Baby I'm Tired

    Rudy Greene & The Four Buddies (2)

    You Mean Everything To Me                Highway No. 1

    The Four Buddies (2)

    Delores / Look out                     Delores (Demo)  






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