• Mike & The Utopians (1)
     Mike Lasman

    Mike & The Utopians (1) (Brooklyn, N.Y)


    Personnel :

    Mike Lasman (Lead)

    Jimmy McQueen (Tenor)

    Earl (Baritone)

    Stuart Cohen (Bass)


    Discography :

    1958 - Erlene / I Wish (Cee Jay 574)
    1958 - Erlene / I Found A Penny (Cee Jay 574)


    Biography :

    Danny Robinson was the brother of Bobby Robinson, who owned Red Robin and Fury Records. Danny himself owned several Harlem labels like Holiday and Everlast. Clarence Johnson, who assisted Danny Robinson with his amateur vocal groups began his own label, Cee Jay Records, in the Bronx. One of the aspiring groups Johnson had in his stable was Mike & The Utopians. The one-record quintet from the Bedford-Stuyvesant Section of Brooklyn (NY) consisted of : Mike Lasman (Lead ), Jimmy McQueen (Tenor), Earl ? (Baritone) & Stuart Cohen (Bass) and ?.

    Mike & The Utopians (1)   Mike & The Utopians (1)

    "I Wish" b/w "Erlene" Cee-Jay 574 was pressed twice in 1958. "Erlene" was the "A" side on both pressings. The flip sides were both the same recording with different titles . The other title of this recording is "I Found A Penny (And I Made A Wish)." Both pressings were from 1958, but exact release dates of each pressing are not known. Mike Lasman later sang with the Dreamers on Guaranteed, the Accents on Sultan, and the Concords on Herald.



    Erlene                                                      I Wish

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