• The Bell Notes (Long Island, New York)
    (By Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel  :

    Carl Bonura (vocals, saxophone)

    John Casey (drums)

    Ray Ceroni (vocals, guitar)

    Lenny Giambalvo (bass)

    Peter Kane (piano) 


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1959 - I’ve Had It / Be Mine (Time 1004)
    1959 - Old Spanish Town / She Went That-A-Way (Time 1010)
    1959 - That’s Right / Betty Dear (Time 1013)
    1959 - You’re A Big Girl Now / Don’t Ask Me Why (Time 1015)
    1959 - White Buckskin Sneakers And Checkerboard Socks / No Dice (Time 1017)
    1960 - Shortnin’ Bread / To Each His Own (Madison 136)
    1960 - Friendly Star / Wild Child (Madison 141)

    The Bell Notes

     Eps :
    1959 - The Bell Notes - I’ve Had It (Time EP 100)
    I’ve Had It / Be Mine / Dream Street / A Sad Guitar


    Biography :

    The Bell Notes may not know it but they inspired Ray Tabano and Steven Tyler, who rocked with Aerosmith. At 14, the two frequented Tabano's father's bar in the Bronx and commanded the stage when the regular band took a break.

     The Bell Notes "I've Had It" was a staple of their impromptu act. The Long Island band consisted of Carl Bonura (lead, vocals, sax), John Casey (drums), Ray Ceroni (lead, vocals, guitar), Lenny Giambalvo (bass), and Peter Kane (piano).

    The Bell Notes    The Bell Notes

    They signed with Time Records and hit with "I've Had It," which soared to number six in March of 1959. Four subsequent singles in 1959: "Old Spanish Town" (number 76), "That's Right" "You're a Big Girl Now," and "White Buckskin Sneakers & Checkerboard Socks," did little to advance their careers. Time also released an EP which met with the same dismal results as the barrage of singles. 

    The Bell Notes

    They started 1960 with two releases on Madison Records: "Shortin' Bread" (number 96) and "Friendly Star." In two years, they charted three times but only entered the Top 40 once. After a promising start, the Bell Notes disbanded in less than three years. 


    In 1964, the Bell Notes were one of 64 rock artists honored with a Nu-Trading Rock n' Roll Trading Card, but unlike baseball cards the fad didn't catch on. Please note: The Bellnotes (sic!) on the Autograph label are a different group from Texas.

    Andrew Hamilton, All Music Guide


    Songs :

        I’ve Had It                                Be Mine                            Shortnin’ Bread

    Old Spanish Town                               No Dice                             Wild Child        

        She Went That-A-Way             You’re A Big Girl Now          White Buckskin Sneakers...


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