Bottom (L to R) : John DePalma, Al Waldman and Lou Gaudioso - Top  (L to R) : Joe Mozeff and Barry Pouls

    The Premiers (4) (Philadelphia)



    Joe Mozeff (Lead)

    John DePalma (Baritone)

    Al Waldman (First Tenor)

    Lou Gaudioso (Second Tenor)

    Barry Pouls (Bass)


    Discography :

    1959 - Tonight / I Think I Love You  (Mink 021/Parkway 807)
    1959 - Angel Love / False Love (Best 1004)


    Biography :

    In 1958, Barry Pouls, Al Waldman, Lou Gaudioso, John DePalma and Joe Mozeff started a group in the 8th & Ritner ward of south Philadelphia. They were three Jews and two Italians, so they called the group "the Jew-Wops". A little later they recruited Lenny Rocco to sing lead, but a short time later, he departed to launch his own tribe, Lenny & The Rocks.  Joe Mozeff was shanghaied for lead chores, along with John DePalma who neatly filled the Baritone slot. Barry Pouls & Joe Mozeff quit to hook up with Lenny & The Rocks as support singers, then they come back. They Changed their name to the Premiers.

    Clockwise from noon : Joe Mozeff, Lou Gaudioso, John DePalma, Al Waldman

    Their new manager, Joe (Chappy) Casalnova  arranging an audition with local honchos Johnny Maderra and David White, who liked what they heard and herded them into Reco Arts studio pronto. Two melodies "Tonight" and "I Think I Love You" penned by Maderra and White were etched in the early spring of 1959. The single is released on the Mink label but Cameo showed some interest in the Mink record and released the single on the Parkway subsidiary.

    Top : Barry PoulsBottom (L to R) : Al Waldman, Lou Gaudioso and John Francesco

    Six months elapsed and the Premiers lumbered into the studio once again, but this time there was a new wrinkle- two females were hired to pump up the supporting vocal, to add some excitement.This aggregation warbled "Angel Love" and "False Love" into the microphones. A couple of months later it leaked out on the Best Label. DePalma and Joe Mozeff  left the the group and with a new singer named Johnny Francesco the Premiers make some appearance around the country.


    Songs :

    Tonight                                    I Think I Love You

    Angel Love                                                    False Love



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