• The Dreamers from Left, Edmund Walters, G.G. Greer, Ralph Steward & Ed Stewart

    The Dreamers (6) (Largo, FL.)


    Personnel :

    Ralph Steward (Lead, Baritone, Guitar)

    G.G. Greer (First Tenor)

    Edmund Walters (Second Tenor)

    Ed Stewart (Bass)

    Sharon Madson  (Piano)

    Kenny Keen (Drums)


    Discography :

    1958 - Dear I / Only Time  (Tri-Dec 8757)
    1959 - Don't Cry / It's Gonna Be Alright (Nugget 1000)
    1959 - Seconds / Mama Lucie (Dream 101)
    1958 - Talking About It (Tri-Dec)
    1958 - Devil Congo Drums  (Tri-Dec)


    Biography :

    Organized in 1956 from the Largo High School glee club, this six-member group is recording on the Tri Dec label in 1958. Their first record was "Dear I" backed with "Only Time." both written by Ralph Steward.  "Dear I" made the top 40 locally and the Dreamers doing shows and dances throughout the state. All teen-agers, The line up Is: Ed Steward, M. C. and bass; Ralph Steward, baritone and guitar; G. G. Greer, first tenor; Edmund Walters, second tenor; Sharon Madson, piano and Kenny Keen, drums. They all live In Largo or Clearwater. 

    The Dreamers with The Links Band at the Clearwater Auditorium                                        Ralph Steward        

    They recorded two other songs for Tri-Dec : "Talking About It," by Green and "Devil Congo Drums," by Ralph Steward. Unfortunately these two titles will never be released. In addition to over 10 original numbers the Dreamers do many current hits, such as "At The Hop" "Daddy Cool" and "Get A Job."  In early 1959, Ralph Steward wrote "It's Gonna Be All Right" and "Don't Cry" who were issued in 1959 on Nuggett Records, a Tampa label owned by Lonzo and Oscar,  once a popular country act. A third single will be released the same year on the Dream Label with two new titles written by Ralph "Seconds" and "Mama Lucie."


    Songs :

        Don't Cry                                     It's Gonna Be Alright

    Seconds                                          Mama Lucie

    Only Time / Dear I


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