• The Flyers  

    Bobby Hendricks & Bill Pinkney 

    The Flyers (Baltimore, Md.)


    Personnel :

    Bobby Hendricks (Lead)

    Dee Ernie Bailey (Second Tenor)

    Bill Pinkney (Bass)

    Billy Kennedy (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1957 - My Only Desire / On Bended Knee (Atco 6058)


    Biography :

    Bill Pinkney was not present at the very first recording session by the Drifters in June 1953 ("Lucille", "Gone"). However, by the time "Money Honey" was recorded two months later, Pinkney sang second tenor, alongside Clyde McPhatter. When bass singer Willie Ferbie became ill, Pinkney dropped down to bass. He sings on some thirty recordings made by the Drifters between August 1953 and June 1956. In September 1956, Bill was fired from the group by George Treadwell (the Drifters' manager), after he had the nerve to ask for a raise for the group.

    The Flyers     The Flyers                                                                                                              Bobby Hendricks

    Pinkney, not one to brood, immediately put together a group called The Flyers. The other members were Bobby Hendricks (tenor), Dee Ernie Bailey (tenor/baritone), and Billy Kennedy (baritone). Hendricks and Bailey had been members of the Swallows. They signed to Atlantic's Atco subsidiary for one 45, "My Only Desire".  This group listed in Atlantic's Master Book as "Pinckney Flyers" . The Flyers stayed together for about a year. However, after two Drifters received a letter from Uncle Sam in 1957, Pinkney was in and out of the group for performances. He rejoined the Drifters in the studio for the "Drip Drop" session of May 1958, taking Bobby Hendricks with him.


    Songs :

    My Only Desire                           On Bended Knee


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