• The Invictors (1) aka The Termites    The Invictors (1) aka The Termites
                         Gene Yuhas                                                                        Raymond Edwards

    The Invictors (1) (Reading, PA.)
    aka The Termites


    Personnel :

    Raymond Edwards (Lead)

    Gene Yuhas (Lead)

    Barry Boswell (Lead / Second Tenor)

    Bobby Rohrbach (Baritone)

    Bill Yuhas


    Discography :

    The Invictors (1)
    Single :
    1961 - I’ll Always Care For You / I Don't Wanna Go (Bee 1117)
    1961 - Goodbye To Love (Bee)
    1961 - My Dream Girl (Bee)

    The Termites
    1963 - Carrie Lou (The Invictors) / Give Me Your Heart (The Paramounts) (Bee 1825)


    Biography :

    The Invictors were a mixed group : 3 white and 2 black members. Following the breakup of the Honeybees, vocalist Barry Boswell met Ray Edwards of the Silhouettes, who was living in Reading from 1944 to 1956. By 1962, the Silhouettes had become loosely organized, and Edwards had been performing on his own. The three white members of the group were brothers Bill and Gene Yuhas, and Bobby Rohrbach on baritone.

    The Invictors (1) aka The Termites
    The Silhouettes

    Their sole release, Bee 1117 was put out in 1961, and featured Gene Yuhas on the A-side, "I’ll Always Care For You." The flip "I Don't Wanna Go" was written by Ray Edwards’s daughter, and features Edwards on the lead. The Invictors recorded these sides along with 3 others : "Carrie Lou", "Goodbye To Love" and "My Dream Girl", at Farraro’s Studio in the 400 Block Of Schuykill Ave., Reading.

    The Invictors (1) aka The Termites  The Invictors (1) aka The Termites

    The Termites were simply the Invictors minus Bobby Rohrbach, in 1963, Bee Records coupled an unreleased Invictors’ master, "Carrie Lou" which featured Barry Boswell on Lead with "Give Me Your Heart", a master from Pat Farraro’s Beck Music Company, and invented the name « Termites » for Bee 1825. "Give Me Your Heart" is not by the Invictors, but The Paramounts, featuring Wesley Parker who released another 45 on the Columbine Label in 1962. .


    Songs :

    The Invictors (1)

      I’ll Always Care For You                          I Don't Wanna Go      

    The Termites

                           Carrie Lou                      Give Me Your Heart (The Paramounts)     

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