• The Young Lads : Aaron Broadnick, James Straite, Ronnie Watson, Carl Williams, Luther Morton

    The Young Lads (1) (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka   Pearl & The Deltars

    Personnel :

    Ronnie Watson (Lead)

    Carl Williams (First Tenor)

    James Straite (Second Tenor)

    Luther Morton (Baritone)

    Bootsie Aaron Broadnick (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Young Lads (1)

    Singles :
    1956 - Moonlight / I'm In Love (Neil 100)

     Pearl & The Deltars 

    Singles :
    1961 - Teenage Dream / Dance Dance Dance (Fury 1048)
    1961 - Back To School Again (Fury)
    1961 - Where Are You? (Fury)

    Biography :

    The Young Lads' only record was 'I'm In Love'/'Moonlight' (Neil 100), the Brooklyn group consisting of five boys:  Ronnie Watson, Carl Williams, James Straite, Luther Morton and Aaron Broadnick. They needed to replace Ronnie Watson, who had been missing rehearsals, and heard that Pearl and the Kodaks had split up. Nate Rogers, of the Chesters, hooked up Pearl and the Young Lads and, with Pearl replacing Ronnie Watson, they started rehearsing.

    Pearl McKinnon with the Kodaks

    This was difficult, since they all lived in Brooklyn, except for Pearl, who lived in Newark. Obviously the name "Young Lads" had to go, and they named themselves after Delta Airlines, as the Deltars. Pearl & The Deltars cut one single  for Robinson's Fury label released in the winter of 1961: "Teenage Dream" / "Dance Dance Dance". Dance, Dance, Dance received some local and proved that Pearl could modernize her sound in the early sixties. Unfortunaly, Bobby Robinson & his small Fury office staff soon became overwhelmed  with gladys Knight & The Pips and their "Every Beat Of My Heart" smash.
    (Thanks to Marv Goldberg)

    Songs :

    The Young Lads (1)

    Moonlight                                           I'm In Love

    Pearl & The Deltars

    Dance Dance Dance                              Teenage Dream



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