• Paste Up Picture : Karl White, Billy Mann, Rene Beard

    The Gladiators (1) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Glens (2) The aka The Feathers


    Personnel :

    Roy Allen (Tenor)

    Rene Beard (Second Tenor)

    Karl White (Baritone)

    Cleo White (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Gladiators (1)
    1957 - Girl Of My Heart / My Baby Doll (Dig 135)

    The Glens (2)
    1960 - A Little Less Talk / Cherish My Love (Laitini 6666/Sudden 104)


    Biography :

    In 1957, The Feathers with out Johnny Staton (Rene Beard, Karl White, Cleo White, and Roy Allen) then became the Gladiators, releasing "My Baby Doll"/"Girl Of My Heart" on Johnny Otis' Dig label in March 1957 . In 1960, with second tenor Billy Mann in place of Roy Allen, they recorded as the Glens for Laitini ("Cherish My Love"/"A Little Less Talk". That record was re-released on Sudden in the following year.

    Songs :

    The Gladiators (1)

    Girl Of My Heart /  My Baby Doll

    The Glens (2)

    Cherish My Love                                 A Little Less Talk


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