• The Chants (2) (San Pedro, California)   
    aka The Gallahads (3)
    ref The Gallahads (2)


    Personnel :

    Arthur Lee Sprewell (Lead)

    Elliott Sprewell

    Tyrone Sprewell

    Lewis Booker

    Eugene Booker

    Mack Givens


    Discography :

    The Chants (2)
    1959 - The Graveyard Hop / A Thousand Miles In My Path (Big Moment 101/102)   ???
    1960 - Heaven And Paradise / When I'm With You (Night Owl 40)

    Jimmy Pipkin & The Gallahads (3)
    1962 - This Letter To You / The Answer To Love (Donna 1361)

    The Gallahads (3)
    1964 - Keeper Of Dreams / Sad Girl (Beechwood 3000)


    Biography :

    The Gallahads -- led by Jimmy Pipkin -- are best remembered for "Lonely Guy," an enormous smash hit in 1960. Lead vocalist Pipkin, Bobby Dixon (first tenor and lead), "Tiny" Tony Smith (second tenor), and bass man Ernie Rouse formed this vocal group in Seattle, WA, in 1952, while they were still in junior high. Ten years later, The Famous Gallahads  from Seattle Broke up, Jimmy Pipkin then based in California picked up a vocal group called The Chants. This group  hailed from San Pedro, California. Members included Arthur Lee Sprewell,Elliott Sprewell, Tyrone Sprewell, Lewis Booker, Eugene Booker, and Mack Givens. The Chants had already recorded  "Heaven And Paradise" b/w "When I'm With You" release en 1960 by Night Owl Records and probably in 1959, "The Graveyard Hop" b/w "A Thousand Miles In My Path" on the Big Moment Label.. Label copied as Jimmy Pipkin & The Gallahads. The Chants recorded "This Letter To You" and "The Answer To Love" on Donna Records. The "Answer To Love" is a typical Pipkin ballad and sticks to The Gallahads' trademark sound. In fact, The Chants could almost be taken as a Gallahads clone. In 1964, Chuck Markulis, who owned the rights to the Gallahads name, produced two Gallahads sides for the Beechwood label, "Keeper Of Dreams" backed with "Sad Girl" But it's still the Chants recorded the Songs.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Chants (2)

    A Thousand Miles In My Path               Heaven And Paradise    

    When I'm With You                     The Graveyard Hop


    Jimmy Pipkin & The Gallahads (3)

    This Letter To You                               The Answer To Love


    The Gallahads (3)

    Keeper Of Dreams                                     Sad Girl            


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