• The Tradewinds (1) (Newark, New Jersey)
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    Personnel :

    State Ralph Rizzoll "Dusty"

    Phil Mehill

    Angel Cifelli "Chubby"

    Sal Capriglione


    Discography :

    1959 - Toni / Twins (RCA 7511)

    1959 - Furray Murray / Crossroads (RCA 7553) 


    Biography :

    Ralph Rizzoll (Dusty), Phil Mehill, Angel Cifelli (Chubby) and Sal Capriglione are the 19-year- old New Jersey lads who make up the Tradewinds. The boys all attended Barringer HS in Newark.
Phil and Dusty are cousins, and have known Sal since they were nine. When the trio met guitarist Chubby, they formed their group. Their first professional experience came with night club dates around the Newark area.


    Manager Peter Paul caught their act and signed them. Later Paul arranged an audition with Hugo and Luigi. "Furry Murray" is the Trade- winds' second waxing for RCA Victor.  Both Dusty and Chubby are baseball fans. Phil and Sal are horseback riding enthusiasts. 
(Billboard - 24 Aug 1959 )


    Songs :

    Furray Murray                             Twins                                      Toni




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