• The Quinns aka The Quintones (2)  

    Quintones (1956) Leon McClain, Pauline, Gerald Johnson, Johnny Maye & Donald Lawrence

    The Quinns   (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Quintones (2)




Personnel :

Freddie Brown (Lead)

Gerald Johnson (Baritone)

Leon McClain (Bass)

Donald Lawrence (Tenor)

Richie Brown (Second Tenor)




Discography :

    Jimmy Witherspoon & The Quintones (2)
    Single :
    1956 - Still In Love / My Girl Ivy (Atco 6084)
    Unreleased :
    1956 - Congratulations Baby (Atco)

The Quinns
    1957 - Oh Starlight / Hong Kong (Cyclone 111)
    1965 - Unfaithful /Who Stole The Cookies (Relic 1012)




    Biography :

    Brooklyn-based R&B group the Quinns formed on the grounds of the Brownsville Community Center in 1954 -- according to Marv Goldberg's profile in the February 1998 issue of Discoveries, co-founders Johnny "Dusty" Moye (second tenor), Gerald Johnson (baritone), and Leon McClain (bass) rotated through a series of leads before finally settling on tenors Donald Lawrence and Freddy Brown in mid-1956. Originally dubbed the Quintones, the group cut its teeth at local talent showcases prior to auditioning for Atco Records head Herb Abramson, who extended a contract offer on the spot.   

                                                                   Jimmy Witherspoon

    Abramson first assigned them to serve backing duties on blues legend Jimmy Witherspoon's "Still My Love," but in the weeks following the session it seemed the Quintones slipped through the cracks, and with no other recording opportunities on the horizon, they wriggled out of their Atco deal in the spring of 1957. Moye left the lineup soon after, and after adding Brown's brother Richie as second tenor, the group renamed itself the Quinns to avoid conflict with a pair of rival acts recording under the Quintones banner. 
On the advice of fellow Brooklyn act the Paragons, the Quinns approached Winley Records owner Paul Winley, and in the summer of 1957 cut their official debut release, "Oh Starlight" -- the record barely registered at radio or retail, although the quintet played supper clubs across New York City in support. When Lawrence found himself in hot water with the law in 1958, the remaining Quinns hired lead Francis "Frenchie" Concepcion as his replacement.

    The Quintones (2) aka The Quinns    
                                                                                                                                               Francis "Frenchie" Concepcion

    Frustrated with their lack of success, McClain exited two years later to take a job as a postal carrier, and with new bass Henry Thomas, the group cut its final studio session in late 1960. Two songs from the date, "Unfaithful" and "Who Stole the Cookies?," finally appeared on vinyl in 1965 via the Relic label -- by that time the Quinns were no more, although in 1974 Freddy and Richie Brown resurfaced as members of Final Touch, which issued the single "It's Spinning Love" on the Blue Thumb label. 
Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide




    Songs :

    Jimmy Witherspoon & The Quintones

    Still In Love                                        My Girl Ivy   

    The Quinns 

    Oh Starlight                              Hong Kong

    Unfaithful / Who Stole The Cookies


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