• The Juveniles (Bronx, New-York)


    Personnel :

    Marilyn Bishop (aka Durant aka Piekarski) (Lead)

    Robert Perryman (First Tenor)

    Claude "Indio" Chenet (Second Tenor)

    Joseph Durant (Baritone)

    Larry Peters (Bass)


    Discography :

    1957 - Beat In My Heart / I've Lied (Mode 1)


    Biography :

    The Juveniles had a female lead singer named Marilyn Bishop who sang on a song entitled "Beat in my Heart" which was an original song written in 1957 and composed by her and four other teenage singers known as Robert Perryman, Claude "Indio" Chenet, Joseph Durant, and Larry Peters. In 1957, Marilyn Bishop Marilyn gave birth to a baby girl, Michelle, and left the Juveniles.  Larry Peters will make even some time after.  


    At this time, the group has only three members. Robert Perryman  stepped up to become the new lead singer and Cal Washington was recruited by Claude  Chenet to become the new first tenor. Cal had sung with a local street group, had a background in gospel and blues and also hung out with the Chords.  Pete Reyes was recruited by Bobby to replace Larry Peters as the bass singer. The Twilights now consisted of Robert Perryman (lead) Cal Washington (first tenor) Claude “Indio” Chenet (second tenor) Joseph Durant (baritone) and Peter Reyes (bass).




    Videos :

     Beat In My Heart


    Songs :

    Beat In My Heart                                I've Lied       




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