• The Kings Men  

    The Kings Men (Chicago, IL)


    Personnel :

    Johnson Williams

    Eugene Smith

    Walter Broad

    Herman Nolan

    Mickey Green


    Discography :

    1957 - Don't Say You're Sorry / Kickin' with My Stallion (Club 51 108)


    Biography :

    The Kings Men, formed in 1954 while they were still students at Englewood High, joined Club 51 in 1956. The original members were Johnson Williams, Eugene Smith, Walter Broad, Ron Henderson, and Billy Hebert, but by the time the group recorded the group had lost Hebert and Henderson to the draft, to be replaced by Herman Nolan and Mickey Green. In March 1957, the Kings Men appeared at the Grand Ballroom on a Herb Kent-sponsored show that included the Spaniels, Dream Kings, bluesman J.B. Lenoir, and the Willie Dixon Orchestra. The concert was a great way to kick off their recording career. In April, the group appeared at Herb Kent's spectacular concert at Hyde Park High and shared the stage with the Danderliers, Moroccos, Debonairs, Debs, Dells, Magnificents, and Dee Clark, among others. Presumably it was downhill for the group after that.

    Songs :

    Don't Say You're Sorry                 Kickin' with My Stallion

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