William "Sonny" Forrest, Billy Sutton, Freddy Warner & Larry Lawrence

    The Keynoters (2)  (Brooklyn, New York)
    The Pharoes aka The Fantastics (1)

    Personnel :

    William "Sonny" Forrest(Lead)

    Nick Nicholson(First Tenor)

    Billy Sutton(Second Tenor)

    Freddy Warner(Baritone)

    Larry Lawrence(Bass)

    Discography :

    1962 - Come Back Home / I Wanna Know Who (Keynote 504)

    Biography :

    The Fantastics continued singing after Sammy Strain left the group. They acquired a new first tenor named Nick Nicholson. They continued singing as the Fantastics for the next couple years. Eric Bernay the owner of A-1 Records  decided to rename the group the Keynoters and record them on his Keynote label. The Keynoters recorded “I Wanna Know Who” backed with “Come Back Home” for Keynote Records. “I Wanna Know Who” . . The group soon went back to being the Fantastics.  Billy Sutton left the group and was replaced for a short time by Danny Hicks of the Continentals. In 1964, Larry Lawrence, Fred Warner and Nick Nicholson formed the V.I.P.’s, along with Horace Brooks from the Impacts and Blue Chips and a female singer, Jackie Carter.  They used to rehearse at the Brill Building on Broadway and the producer’s name was Bill Giant who lived in Matawan, New Jersey. The V.I.P.’s recorded three records for Bigtop Records.

    Songs :

    Come Back Home                          I Wanna Know Who





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