• Paste-up Picture - Top : Donald  J. Nitz & Kenneth Marhevka - Bottom : Richard Allen Barbieri & Peter Gerosa 

    The Silvertones (1) (Wallingford Connecticut)


    Personnel :

    Kenneth "Kenny" Marhevka

    Peter "Pete" Gerosa

    Donald  "Dino" J. Nitz

    Richard Allen "Dick" Barbieri

    Lin Ken


    Discography :

    1959 - My Only Love (Feat. Lin-Ken) / Hey Good Looking (Elgin 005/006)


    Biography :

    Vocal quintet from Wallingford Connecticut fronted by Kenneth "Kenny" Marhevka with Peter "Pete" Gerosa, Donald  "Dino" J. Nitz, Richard Allen "Dick" Barbieri and Lin Ken. They all went to Lyman Hall High School. In 1959, they signing a recording contract with Elgin record, a subsidiary of Drum Owned by Clarence Drum. The  Silvertones cut "My Only Love" b/w "Hey Good Looking". Bod Distasio, an original Silvertones member and also a Lyman Hall graduate sang on the single.

    The Silvertones (1)      The Silvertones (1)

    The enterprising Clarence Drum formed the aforementioned Drum and Elgin labels in 1958, signing several artists, including The Chestnuts and singer Bill Baker, who eventually joined the former group, switching his allegiance from bread to nuts, so to speak. Drum made some money when several of his releases were licensed to other labels, but not enough to keep the companies afloat past 1961.


    Songs :

     My Only Love                              Hey Good Looking



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