•  Vinny Catalano & The Daydreams (2) aka The Love Notes (6)

     The Love Notes (6)  (Bronx, New York)
    aka Vinny Catalano & The Daydreams (2) 


    Personnel :

    Charles Gaskin

    Rosemary Gaskin

    Carol Harnish



    Discography :

    The Love Notes (6)
    1963 - Our Songs Of Love / Nancy (My Love) (Wilshire 200)
    1963 - Gloria / Mathematics Of Love (Wilshire 203)

    Vinny Catalano & The Daydreams (2)
    1963 - I Won't Cry Anymore / Because Of You (Hammer 6320)


    Biography :

    Vince Catalano was born on a farm in New London, Connecticut. He has spent over 45 years in the music business. As a recording artist he waxed his first 45 on Gee Label in 1956, "Ding Dong" by The Echoes.  He went on to have several other releases under many different names - Vinny Downes, Tom Swift under the name The Lonely Boys, Vinny & Sue, Vinny & Kenny, Bea & Dea & the Buttons. His greatest success came under the name The Acorns where he had two number one songs in Hawaii : "Angel" and "Your Name And Mine". As a songwriter Vinny has penned over 300 tunes. Eventually he would star his own short lived label C&A before becoming partners in Blast Records a subsidiary of Sinclair Records owned by the late Don Ames. Also under the Sinclair Banner, Vinny worked with groups on Mermaid and Whale. It was here Vinny penned one of his best tunes "Conney Island Baby" by the Excellents. Vinny worked with his kid brother's group, Donnie & the Dreamers, recording over 10 excellent sides, most lost and unreleased.

     Vinny Catalano & The Daydreams (2) aka The Love Notes (6)    Vinny Catalano & The Daydreams (2) aka The Love Notes (6)
                                                                                             Vinny Catalano

    When Vinny left Blast he started the Wilshire label in 1963 and released two singles by the Love Notes. The Love Notes were a Vocal group from Cypress Ave. in the Bronx composed by three girls with three guys doing background for a lead singer with guitar. The only known members of the group are Charlie Gaskin, Rosie Gaskin and Carol Harnish. The Love Notes recorded four remarkable sides : "Our Songs Of Love", "Nancy (My Love)", "Gloria" and "Mathematics Of Love". Their "Gloria" in May of 1963, using lyrics that were closer to the original than to those of the Cadillacs. Vinny Catalano will use the "Love Notes" "to backed him him on "I Won't Cry Anymore" b/w "Because Of You". Perhaps because the single was released on another label, although owned by Vinny Catalano, the band will be renamed The DayDreams.

    Songs :

    The Love Notes (6)

    Our Songs Of Love                          Nancy (My Love)

             Gloria                                    Mathematics Of Love

    Vinny Catalano & The Daydreams (2)

    I Won't Cry Anymore                                Because Of You  


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