•  (Top) Gloria Alleyne, Frances Kelly and Sherry Gary (Bottom L-R) Della Simpson

    The Delltones (1) (Long Island, N.Y.)
    aka The Dell Tones   


    Personnel :

    Della Simpson (Lead)

    Sherry Gary

    Gloria Alleyne

    France Kelley (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Dell Tones

    Singles :
    1953 - Yours Alone  / My Heart's On Fire (Brunswick 84015)
    Unreleased :
    1953 - Why Make A Fool Out Of Me (Brunswick)
    1953 - After All I've Been To You  (Brunswick)

    The Delltones (1)
    1954 - Little Short Daddy / I'm Not In Love With You (Rainbow 244) 

    1955 - Don't Be Long / Baby Say You Love Me (Baton 212) 

    1956 - My Special Love / Believe It (Baton 223)

    The Kings And Queens (Orioles & Delltones)
    1957 - Voices Of Love  / I'm So Lonely (Everlast 5003)

    Biography :

    Della Simpson was born in the South and raised in Jamaica, New York. Growing up listening to the radio she heard all the big bands with Billie Holliday being her idol. It was while at work that she and another girl decided to put together a group. After recruiting two more girls they named the group The Enchanters. A piano player, Chris Townes began working writing and arranging songs for them.

    The Enchanters 
(Clockwise from top left) Frances Kelly, Pearl Brice, Della Simpson and Rachel Gist

    The Enchanters were among the first female groups to sing R&B in the early 50s. One day Simpson called and asked Jerry Blaine, owner of Jubilee Recordsto come see one of their shows. He did and signed them to Jubilee. The Enchanters first release for Jubilee was "Today Is Your Birthday." The group first began touring locally and later on the Chitlin Circuit.

    The Delltones with Their Accompanists

    After their two Jubilee recordings and a December 1952 tour, things began to fall apart. Rachel Gist and Pearl Brice left the other Enchanters to stay home with their families and attend to their marriages. Simpson and Kelley wished to continue with their singing. They then raided another local group called the Dorsey sisters, Gloria Alleyne  replacing Rachel Gist and Sherry Gary joined to replace Pearl Brice. In addition, a new name, The Delltones (After Della) was chosen.

     (Top) Della Simpson (Bottom L-R) Gloria Alleyne, Sherry Gary and Frances Kelly

    Under the new name in 1953 they recorded "My Hearts On Fire" on the Brunswick label. The next single "I'm Not In Love With You"/"Little Short Daddy" was for Rainbow Records in 1954. The Delltones were now performing all over the United States and Canada. They continued to tour and even appeared on The Arthur Godfrey Show. However the group began to encounter problems when they were told they couldn't sing their usual material because they sounded to White.

    The Delltones now moved to Baton Records where they recorded two singles. At this time Gloria Alleyne and Sherry Gary left the group. The last  Delltone group included Bunny Foy, Algie Willie, Renee Stewart and Della Simpson. In June 1957, the Orioles & The Delltones combined to record "Voices Of Love" and "I'm So Lonely," for Danny Robinson's Everlast label, as the Kings And Queens.


    Released around June 1957, the personnel consisted of: Sonny Til, Diz Russell, Jerry Holeman, Tex Cornelius, Billy Adams, Della Simpson (who leads both sides), Bunny Foy, Renée Stewart, and Algie Willie (who doesn't appear in the only photo taken of them).

    The Kings and Queens
    Della Griffin, Renee Stewart, Bunny Foy, Billy Adams, Sonny Till, Aaron Cornelius, Jerry Holeman and Albert Russell

    This group appeared a couple of times at some New York clubs. The Delltones eventually disbanded due to marriages and family. Gloria Alleyne became Gloria Lynn, working as a soloist for years in the jazz world. Della Simpson went out working with her own organ and sax combo.  She later married Paul Griffin The Orioles piano player.

    Songs :

    The Dell Tones

    Yours Alone                           My Heart's On Fire

    The Delltones (1)

     Little Short Daddy / I'm Not In Love With You          Don't Be Long / Baby Say You Love Me

    My Special Love                           Believe It

    The Kings And Queens

    Voices Of Love  / I'm So Lonely


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