• The Seminoles aka The Embers (6) 

    The Seminoles (Detroit)
    aka The Embers (6)


    Personnel :

    Joey Finazzo (Lead)

    Jesse Zenega

    Andy Bonaventura

    Paul Lecrecio

    Discography :

    The Seminoles
    1961 - True Love / Open Your Eyes (Go-Gee 287)
    1962 - I Can't Stand It / It Takes a Lot (Checkmate 1012 / Hi-Lite 80043)
    1962 - Forever / You Can Lump It (Mid Town 101)
    1963 - Trouble in Mind / Have You Got A Love (Hi-Lite 87578) 

    The Embers (6)
    1962 - Forever / You Can Lump It (Act IV)

    Biography :

    Early-'50s and -'60s Detroit blue-eyed soul vocal groups usually had great first tenor leads, and the Seminoles were no exception. These smooth harmonizers, led by Joey Finazzo and consisting of members Jesse Zenega, Andy Bonaventura and Paul Lecrecio, debuted with "Open Your Eyes" b/w "True Love" in 1961 on local hopeful Go Gee Records. The record got their name known around town, and local disc jockeys gave it a few spins, but it was nothing special.

    The Seminoles aka The Embers (6)    The Seminoles aka The Embers (6)

    When Roquel "Billy" Davis left Anna Records to form Checkmate Records, he gave the Seminoles a shot. "It Takes a Lot," released May 1962, was starting to do something when Roquel closed Checkmate to take an A&R position with Chess Records (who distributed Anna and Checkmate), leaving the Seminoles in a lurch.Not for long, though -- Hi-Lite Records picked up the song and managed to get an area hit for their troubles. A second Hi Lite release, "Trouble in Mind" b/w "Have You Got Love," bombed. They were The embers for one release on Act IV Records, "Forever" b/w "You Can Lump It"; when Act IV failed to do anything, the Seminoles took the master to Midtown Records who re-released the sides as the Seminoles. It didn't matter, the single still failed to ignite and the Seminoles disbanded.




    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Open Your Eyes                   It Takes a Lot                   I Can't Stand It

    Forever / You Can Lump It                  Trouble in Mind                    True Love





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