The Del-Phis (1) (Detroit)
    aka The Del Fi's aka The Vells (2) aka The Fayettes
    aka Martha & The Vandellas


    Personnel :

    Gloria Jean Williamson (Lead)

    Martha Reeves (Second Lead)

    Rosalind Ashford (Background)

    Annette Beard (Background)

    Discography :

    J J Barnes & The Dell Fi's
    1960 - Won't You Let Me Know / My Love Came Tumbling Down (Kable 437)

    Leon Peterson & The Dell Fi's
    1960 - Silver & Gold / Together Just We Two (Kable 438)

    Mike Hanks & The The Del Fi's
    1960 - When True Love Comes To Be / The Hawk (Inst.) (Mah's 000.3)

    Mike Hanks & The Del-Phis
    1961 - I Think About You / I Think About You Part 2 (Mah's 000.4)

    The Del-Phis (1)
    Singles :
    1961 - I'll Let You Know / It Takes Two (Checkmate 1005)
    Unreleased :
    1961 - My Heart Tells Me so  (Checkmate)

    The Vells (2)
    1961 - There He Is (At My Door) / You'll Never Cherish A Love So True (Mel-O-Dy 108)

    Biography :

    After graduating high school, Martha Reeves began singing professionally in 1959 when she joined the Fascinations.  The following year, she joined the Del-Fis - Gloria Williamson (lead), Rosalyn Ashford, Annette Beard - from which the Vandellas later emerged, performing at local talent shows and backing Mike Hanks on his record, Leon Peterson and  J.J. Barnes's 1962 on “Won't You Let Me Know.”

    J J Barnes                                                                     

    Billy Davis snatched them for his Checkmate label for one release as the Del-Phis: "I'll Let You Know" written by Joe Hunter and Martha Reeves and "It Takes Two,". Checkmate folded and Davis moved to Chicago to work for Chess Records. The girls found day jobs but still did backup sessions

    From the top : Gloria Jean Williamson, Martha Reeves, Rosalind Ashford, Annette Beard         Marvin Gaye

    A chance for the Del Fi's came later in 1962 when William "Mickey" Stevenson needed background singers for a Marvin Gaye session; the Andantes were moonlighting in Chicago, so Martha called the Del Fi's down to 2648 West Grand Blvd. to do the job. The song "Stubborn Kinda Fella" became Gaye's first smash and introduced the Vandellas' chirpy sound to the world.

                                             1962: Top left to right - Martha Reeves, Annette Beard, Mary Wells & Dick Clark.

    They recorded a single on Motown's subsidiary Melody Records. Gloria Williamson led both sides of the record "You'll Never Cherish a Love So True" b/w "There He Is at My Door," released October 1962; It was credited to the Vells since Chess Records owned the name Del Fi's. Mickey Stevenson put the Del Fi's voices on "I'll Have to Let Him Go"; the "demo" became Martha & the Vandellas' debut single.
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    Songs :
     updated by Hans-Joachim

    The Del-Phis (1)

    I'll Let You Know / It Takes Two         My Heart Tells Me So

    The Vells (2)

    There He Is (At My Door)           You'll Never Cherish A Love So True

    J J Barnes & The Dell Fi's

    Won't You Let Me Know                    My Love Came Tumbling Down

    Mike Hanks & The The Del Fi's

    When True Love Comes To Be


    Marvin Gaye bb The Del-Phis (1)

    Stubborn Kind of Fellow


    Leon Peterson & The Dell Fi's

    Together Just We Two / Silver & Gold

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