• The Catalina Six aka Jerry & The Catalinas (10)

    Front : Robert Novello, Morris Amato & Richard Novello - Rear : Jerry Swede, Tom Malin & Frank Sole

    The Catalina Six (New Jersey)
    aka Jerry & The Catalinas (10)


    Personnel :

    Frank Sole (Lead Tenor)

    Richard Novello (Second Tenor)

    Morris Amato (Bass)

    Tom Malin (Guitar)

    Jerry Swede (Guitar)

    Robert Novello (Drums)


    Discography :

    The Catalina Six
    1962 - Moon 2000 (Twist-A-Roo) / Would You Believe It (Flagship 126)
    1962 - It Had To Rain Again / Sweet Baby Please Come Home (Twist-A-Roo)(Flagship 127)
    1962 - It Had To Rain / Baby Please Come Home (Candlelite 413)

    Jerry & The Catalinas (10)
    1965 - The Arabian Knight / Away From It All (Veroona 101)


    Biography :

    The Catalina Six is musical sextet, four Hasbrouck Heights boys and two from Wood-Ridge are The Catalina Six. When they begin to recorded in  1962 They have already done a number of appearance in North Jersey. Their principal activity  has been personal appearaces at teen-age dances. Their first record met with a 3-star rating in "Billboard" magazine, "Moon 2,000"  and  "Would You Believe It" was released on the Flagship label. Just released in the metropolitan  area, the disk jockeys had beginning to spin it on local programs.

    The Catalina Six aka Jerry & The Catalinas (10)

    The group had its origin at aNew Year's Eve party. A singing trio — tenor FrankSole and bass Morris Amato, both of Wood-Ridge, and second tenor  Richard  Novello  of  Hasbrouck Heights — discovered the sound of good harmonizing.  Richard's brother Robert, had a good instrumental trio. That group included Jerry Swede and Thomas Malin of Hasbrouck Heights, who played Guitar, and Robert on the drums. All teamed up, and the Catalina Six offers a singing trio, dual guitars and sticks.

    The Catalina Six aka Jerry & The Catalinas (10)  The Catalina Six aka Jerry & The Catalinas (10)

    The sextet's name was chosen because it is a model of car owned by one of the boys and the vehicle appeared ,in one of their publicity photos. The same year, the group recorded another single for the Flagship label : "It Had To Rain Again" b/w "Sweet Baby Please Come Home" and  "It Had To Rain" b/w "Baby Please Come Home" on Candlelite. Three years later, the group will have a last single "The Arabian Knight" b/w "Away From It All" released as Jerry & The Catalinas.


    Songs :

    The Catalina Six

    Would You Believe It                    It Had To Rain Again

    Sweet Baby Please Come Home            Moon 2000 (Twist-A-Roo)   

    Jerry & The Catalinas (10)

    The Arabian Knight                       Away From It All


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