• Left to right, Bonnie Burgess, Charlotte Voinche, Kerry Ann Constantin, and Diana Kay Bier

    The Chatters (Crowley, Louisiana)

    Personnel :

    Bonnie Burgess (alto)

    Charlotte Voinche (alto)

    Kerry Ann Constantin (Soprano)

    Diana Kay Bier  (Soprano)

    Discography :

    1959 - Teenage Love Affair / My Darling One (Viking 1001)

    Biography :

    Known as "The Chatters," this girl group 16-year-olds from Crowley consisted of Bonnie Burgess, Charlotte Voinche, Kerry Ann Constantin, and Diana Kay Bier. Diana Kay Bier, a talented soprano who plays the piano, plays the lead role in both songs. She also wrote the music and words "at the same time" from the rock'n'roll melody pair and formed the quartet. They  are all part of the school's drumming and drumming corps. Bonnie and Charlotte sing on the viola and Kerry sings the soprano with Diana. Charles "Dago" Redlich, operator of a local record shop who assisted them in cutting the record.

    The Chatters

    It all started when "Dago" learned that Diana had written the words and music to a couple of tunes. He induced her into forming a quartet and cutting the record on his new Viking label. While "Dago" gathered together some background, consisting of a guitar player, a piana player, a bass player and a few "hummers," Diana called in her three friends and the practice sessionsgot underway. The day finally came, the group gathered in a studio next to the record shop, and "Teenage Love Affair" and "My Darling One" were recorded. The recording was sent to a Houston firm, pressed, and "The Chatters" were in business. The quartet has become a popular source of entertainment since the word got around. They have been called upon to sing at several proms, at the Youth Center dances, at record hops, and with a number of area bands. They have also dipped lightly into those singing television commercials.

    Songs :

    Teenage Love Affair                            My Darling One


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