• The Five Crowns : Jerry Dudley, Douglas Rose, Steve Jackson, Eugene Jackson and Porky Burgess 

    The Five Crowns (2) (Canonsburg, PA)

    Personnel :

    Steve Jackson (Lead)

    Eugene Jackson (First Tenor)

    Douglas Rose (Second Tenor)

    Porky Burgess (Baritone)

    Jerry Dudley (Bass)

    Discography :

    Chuck Edwards & The Five Crowns (2)
    1959 - If I Were A King / Lucy and Jimmy Got Married (Alanna 557)

    Biography :

    The Five Crowns were native sons of Canonsburg, PA. Formed in late 1956 the group consisted of Steve Jackson, lead, Eugene Jackson (no relation), first tenor, Douglas Rose, second tenor, Porky Burgess, baritone and Jerry Dudley, bass. Douglas Rose and Porky Burgess were members of the same church congregation as Steve? Paine Methodist, and after hearing his spiritual vocals they immediately urged him to join their group. By 1958, the Five Crowns were rehearsing polished a cappella renditions of tunes recorded by the Cadillacs, Platters and other artists. Chuck Edwards, brilliant guitarist and vocalist, resided in the same housing plan; he was awed by their a cappella presentations. He asked the Fellows if they would like to do several jobs with him and his band.

    Chuck Edwards                                                                                               

    Chuck Edwards approached the youngster with two song he had written. Since the fellows backed him up on club dates, Chuck wanted the group to arrange and do the background harmony.   About the same time, a man named Lee Barrett showed interest in them and soon became their manager. Lee and Chuck went to see Bill lawrence, operator of Alanna records. After hearing the Five Crowns, fronted by Chuck Edwards, Bill contracted them to cut two sides at Capitol records recording studio in New York. Chuck Edwards sang lead and played guitar on both tunes. "If I Were A King" b/w "Lucy and Jimmy Got Married" were issued on Alanna 557 during July of 1959. "If I Were A King" did very well in the Pittsburgh area. The prospect for any immediate success instantly disappeared and by 1961 the fellows mutually agreed to disband.

    Songs :

    If I Were A King / Lucy and Jimmy Got Married



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