• The Quintones (1) 

    The Quintones (1) (Chicago)


    Personnel :

    Donald Burrows (Lead)

    Clifford Sutherland (First Tenor)

    Freddie Williams (Second Tenor)

    Ralph Fulham (Baritone)

    Bill McDonald (Bass)


    Discography :

    1957 - South Sea Island / More Than A Notion (Park 57 111)


    Biography :

    The Quintones releasing one record "South Sea Island" backed with "More Than A Notion." The lead singer was Donald Burrows, and he was supported by first tenor Clifford Sutherland, second tenor Freddie Williams, baritone Ralph Fulham, and bass Bill McDonald. Another vocalist in the area, Willie Crowley, was often recalled as a as a member of the Quintones, but he wasn't on the record but occasionally sang with the group. The Quintones were featured in two big shows. One was the Herb Kent-promoted show in the Children's Building with Lee Andrews and the Hearts, the Pastels, and other Altgeld Gardens groups. The other show was out in Harvey, some school out there, Herb Kent promoted it. The Dells were on the show and the fellows who did 'Cherry Pie,' Marvin and Johnny. Those acts got top billing and everything. The Quintones were not together very long. They were still attending Carver High when they made the record, and six months after recording it they had disbanded.
    (Doowop: The Chicago Scene)


    Songs :

    More Than A Notion                       South Sea Island


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