The Hawkeyes (Iowa city, Iowa)

    Personnel :

    Dixie Davenport (Lead)

    Derk Simonson

    James Williams

    Don Roeder

    Discography :

    1957 - Someone Someday / Who Is He (Sky 2635/Capitol 14764)
    1957 - Full Moon Above / I'll Be There (Capitol 3813)

    Biography :

    Thomas Ecker and his wife Judy have written words and music for a new song . The song "Who Is He", was recorded  by a vocal group with a student quartet from State University of Iowa that called themselves The Hawkeyes.

                                                                                                       Dixie Davenport

    The Hawkeyes group is led by Dixie Davenport, Derk Simonson, James Williams and Don Roeder. The group is accompanied by a bass only, played by Bob Arvin. The song on the reverse of the record is "Someone Someday".


    Thomas Ecker wrote the song when he was a Junior High School Students.  Because it is so difficult to find a company to record their songs, Thomas Ecker and and his wife decided to form their Own corporation.

     Derk Simonson, Dixie Davenport, Don Roeder and James Williams

    They choose the name "Sky" for the label because of slogan publicities for advertising. for instance, "The Sky is the limit". They were signed by Capitol Records in Hollywood for national distribution and were selected by Billboard Magazine as one of the ten most promising vocal groups in America.

    The same year, the Hawkeyes cut a second singles on Capitol  "Full Moon Above" b/w "I'll Be There". Finding little commercial success, the group split up.

    Songs :
    updated by Hans-Joachim

    Full Moon Above / I'll Be There       Someone Someday / Who Is He





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