• The Boulevards

    The Boulevards (Queens, new-York) 


    Personnel :

    Frankie Zazo

    Lou Adessa

    Jim Alessandria

    Bobby Thomas

    Ralph Lasher


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1959 - Delores / Chop Chop In The Wall (Everest 19316)

    1959 - A Place In Your Heart
    1959 - Angel
    1959 - Don't Cry
    1959 - You Better Admit It
    1959 - Jezebel
    1959 - Heavenly Father
    1959 - Glory Of Love


    Biography :

    The Boulevards were produced by Bayside, Queens, New York record entrepreneur Jerry Love. Jerry owned a record store in Bayside, and produced/managed a number of vocal groups. The Boulevards, were local boys, Frankie Zazzo, Lou Adessa, Jim Alessandria, Bobby Thomas and Ralph Lasher.


    Jerry Love placed their only released effort with the Everest label in 1958. The Fascinations, from Akron, Ohio, came to Jerry Love in 1960 with their tape of Midnight and Doom Bada Doom, which Jerry "polished" with some strings and gave to Eddie Rasbaum for release on his Sure label.

    The Boulevards  

    Jordan and The Fascinations

    Lack of success caused the group to return to Ohio, but Jerry matched up their lead singer, Jordan Christopher, with the Boulevards to form a new group - Jordan and The Fascinations.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)
    Delores                 Chop Chop In The Wall                       Jezebel 

    A Place In Your Heart                Angel                    Better Admit It

    Don't Cry                       Glory Of Love                Heavenly Father




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