• The Three Kays aka The Arnold Sisters aka The Three K's
    Kathy, Kay & Karen

    The Three Kays (Cincinatti, Ohio)
    aka The Arnold Sisters aka The Three K's



    Kathy Arnold

    Kay Arnold

    Karen Arnold


    Discography :

    Vicki Spencer bb The Three Kays
    1961 - I Wait / Hello Mr. Dream (Fraternity 883)

    The Three Kays aka The Arnold Sisters aka The Three K's

    The Arnold Sisters   
    1964 - Jelly Bean / Angel Laughter (Sound Stage 7)

    The Three K's
    1964 - Jelly Bean / Angel Laughter [Carousel 1001]


    Biography :

    The Three Kays were a vocal trio composed by Kathy, Kay and Karen Arnold. In MarCh/April  1961, Vickie Spencer was living in Florence Kentucky when she met the Arnolds while attending Boone County High School.  A day, she hear girls sing their harmony, Their voice quality is the same so upper and lower notes blend perfectly in a natural harmony. Vickie called their dad Verne Arnold  and asked permission to coach them. Vickie Spencer brought them along to sing background music for tunes she was recording for Fraternity Records in Cincenatti.  Some months later, at the age of 16 Vicki Spencer leaves for Hollywood and appeared as a featured performer in not one but two motion pictures with Dion and Chubby Checker. Those were Teenage Millionaire (with Jimmy Clanton) and Twist Around The Clock (with Clay Cole). The teen-age Arnolds (they range from 14 to 17) will continue to perform locally as The Three Kays, but it will be necessary to wait until 1964 for the girls to record two songs, "Jelly Bean" and Angel Laughter" released under two different labels... as well as under two different names: The Arnold Sisters and The Three K's.


    Songs :

    Vicki Spencer bb The Three Kays

    Hello Mr. Dream                                      I Wait           

    The Arnold Sisters

     Jelly Bean                                         Angel Laughter


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