• The Hi-Lites (4) (Danbury, Conn.)


    Personnel :

    William Tucker (Lead)

    Eugene Hodge (First Tenor)

    James E Hodge (Second Tenor)

    Allen Gant (Baritone)

    Sheldon Highsmith  (Bass)


    Discography :

    1961 - Walkin' My Baby Back Home / I'm Falling In Love (Record Fair 500)
    1962 - For Your Precious Love / For Sentimental Reasons (Record Fair 501)

    1962 - For Your Precious Love (Dandee LP 206)
    For Your Precious Love / Walkin' My Baby Back Home / Zoom Zoom / To The Aisle / Gloria / Moonlight / (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons / Pretty Face / Maybe You'll Be There / I'm Falling In Love / Everybody's Somebody's Fool / Zoop


    Biography :

    Hailing from Danbury, Conn. they've been performing since 1957 at local record hops and charity affairs, in addition to a few stints on Connecticut Bandstand. Continuously, The Hi-Lites have succeeded to recapture the sincerity of the "Oldies". Their first recording of "I'm falling in love" started the ball rolling for these boys.

    They went on to cut a long playing disc, featuring in addition to the recording mentioned, "For Sentimental Reasons", "Everybody's somebody's fool", "Maybe You'll Be There", "Gloria", "Zoom Zoom", and other standards. It's been said that they sing variations of Rock'n roll, but they can sing any type of song, often with a rock'n roll beat. Rhythm accompaniment for the hi-Lites usually consists of a piano, drums and a bass guitar.


    The Hi-lites made their first professional debut in George Tucker's "Oldies But Goodies Show" in New Haven. Attented by well over 10,000 swinging' teens, the Hi-Lites opened the show with "I'm falling in love", followed by their latest smash single of "For your precious love".They were backed by well-know Sam (The Man) Taylor. Also appearing on the same program were the Isley Bros. "Shout" fame.


    Songs :

    Walking My Baby Back Home                 I'm Falling In Love

    To The Aisle                                    For Your Precious Love

    Gloria (My Darling)                             Pretty Face

    For Sentimental Reasons                        Zoop

    Zoom Zoom Zoom                            Moonlight

    Everybody's Somebody's Fool                 Maybe You'll Be There


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