• The Concords (1)
    Milton Love

    The Concords (1) (Manhattan, N Y)


    Personnel :

    Milton Love (Lead)

    Joe Willis (First Tenor / Baritone)

    Bob Thompson (Second Tenor)

    Jimmy Hunter (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Concords (1)
    1954 - Monticello / Candlelight (Harlem 2328)

    Pearl Reaves & The Concords (1)
    1955 -  You Can't Stay Here / I'm Not Ashamed (Harlem 2332)


    Biography :

    Milton Love was born in Chatham County, North Carolina on July 8, 1937. He began singing as a child,  Milton's family moved to New York City where Love, Joe Willis, Bob Thompson, and Jim Hunter formed the Concords as classmates at Seward Park High School in 1952. Two years later, their manager, Morty Shad, arranged a record deal with a local company. They only made one record. Milton Love wrote and sang lead on both sides, the ballad "Candlelight" and the Latin-flavored "Monticello", issued in 1954.  In 1955, the group backed up Harlem artist Pearl Reaves of Roxbury, Mass., on her single "You Can't Stay Here"/"I'm Not Ashamed".

    The Concords (1)    The Concords (1)
                                                                                            Pearl Reaves

    However, the Concords were almost history. Herman Curtis, lead of the Solitaires, had been drafted and Monte Owens (their guitarist) brought Milton Love to the audition, held around May 1955. Pat Gaston, Solitaires' bass, said that when the group heard Milton they sent all the other applicants home without even listening to them. As far as is known, no other members of the Concords ever sang with any other groups.


    Songs :

    The Concords (1)

    Monticello                                        Candlelight


    Pearl Reaves & The Concords (1)

    You Can't Stay Here / I'm Not Ashamed


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