• Tom Caterino, Larry Roberts, Freddy Lacasse and Ronald Dudley

    Larry & The Standards (1) (South Bronx, New York)
    Ref: The Starfires (3)


    Personnel :

    Larry Roberts (Lead)

    Lou Pesce replaced by Neftali Lamort (First Tenor)

    Tom Caterino replaced by Charlie Maglio (Second Tenor)

    Ronald Dudley (Bass)

    Freddy Lacasse (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1962 - Where Is She / My Lucky Night (Laurie 3119)


    Biography :

    The group met by chance in a bowling alley one Saturday evening in 1960. Tom Caterino was with another group and they stopped to harmonize in the doorway, and 2 guys entered and stopped to listen, they struck up a conversation and so began a new group. This was in late 1960 in the South Bronx on Westchester Ave near Whitlock Ave. Lou Pesce, the 'original' first tenor when the group formed in 1960 was later replaced by Neftali Lamort on "Where is She" in 1961.

    Tom Caterino & Lou Pesce                                                                                    Freddy Lacasse

    Larry & The Standards were a mixed racial group with Larry Roberts , as lead singer and bass Ronald Dudley both being African-American, while background vocals were Tom Caterino as 2nd tenor (Italian/Irish), and Freddy Lacasse , baritone along with Neftali Lamort, 1st tenor...both were of Puero Rican/French heritage. They recorded 'Where is She" on 8/1 1961 at Mirasound studios in Manhattan, New York City." My Lucky Night" was re-recordered in 1962 with Charlie Maglio replaced Tom Caterino on 2nd tenor. It was released in March 1962 on Laurie records. The group eventually broke up in 1963 as Larry wanted to go solo. Their manager was Sampson Horton. Tom Caterino and Lou Pesce later sang with The Starfires with Tommy Bogdany and Joe Formato.
    Thank to Tom Caterino

    Songs :

    Where Is She                                        My Lucky Night


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