• Joe Williams, Frank Mancuso ,Tony Jackson, John Masson and Leroy Parham

    The Cor-Don's (Long Island)



    Tony Jackson

    Frank Mancuso

    John Masson

    Leroy Parham

    Joe Williams


    Discography :

    1963 - Some Kinda Wonderful / Is She The One (Rowe 010)


    Biography :

    Frank Mancuso Moving out to Long Island in 1959, he formed a group called The Imaginations. In 1960 they landed a recording contract at Music Makers and scored a hit with "Guardian Angel".  Then, in 1963 he signed with Rowe Records and recorded with a group called "The Cor-don's", "Some Kinda Wonderful"  "Is She The One".

    Songs :

    Some Kinda Wonderful                              Is She The One   



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